Marie-Joie Hughes

Marie- Joie Hughes- Artist/ Designer & Visionary leader of 30+ years in the Home furnishings industry. Raised in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury and drawing since the age of two.  First big job as a textile designer for Esprit-De Corp and created their first best selling collection for Esprit Kids at the age of 20. Long time creator of Iconic Product that has shaped the Identities of such retailers as

Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.


original designs
Color/Trend analysis

Creating original artwork, designs, and entire collections for all products needing surface designs...All textile products, dinnerware and table top, etc.

30 plus years of experience working in factories and collaborating with the people who actually make the products. Also a very compassionate and dedicated team leader, guiding designers and manufacturing partners in pursuing their passion and creating for the success of all involved. the goal is to create a product that is production friendly, yet innovative. Understanding production  and the customer is key to successful design. Understanding technical limitations and making those limiations part of the strength of the  design is an artform.

Being able to help each company see what the trend and color story will be in the future 12-36months from now. All analysis is done wholistically, looking at fashion, art, culture, the psyche and pulse of the customer, economics and political climate. Trend is not about Fashion. It's about the world we live in and the world we dream of creating in the future.